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Long Days, Fast Planting This Week



Where conditions allow, farmers have been planting non-stop this week trying to make up time. Monday’s USDA report still showed Indiana way behind in getting crops planted.  Some areas of the state have had 3 inch rains; others have seen hail. Some areas have been dry enough to allow planting, and growers are running nearly 24 hours straight. Brian Bush, with Pioneer, says the soil moisture has made germination quick, “I have had some growers tell me that 5 days in the ground and they are seeing corn pop out of the soil.  That is great.” As of Sunday, 18% of the planted corn had emerged.

Bush says, for those planting soybeans, increased seeding rates are called for, “If you are planting soybeans today, you need to increase your seeding rate by about 15%. With the late planting, we will not see plants as tall, and so we need more plants to get more nodes per acre.” He is also recommending narrower rows. He noted that, in some soybean fields in SE Indiana, crusting of the soil has been a problem.

As for weed control, most plans went out the window this spring. Bush urges caution with some of the options you may be considering this summer, “There is some chemistry that has plant back restrictions that could impact next year’s crop.”