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Major Ag Company Relies on Purdue Research



greg-schwab-kochKeeping nitrogen where it belongs will go a long way in the coming growing season to ensuring healthy plants and great yields at harvest. Problems with nitrogen are nothing new to farmers, but what is new are the various technologies that can now be held in the hand of the farmer to monitor nitrogen and make more timely decisions. Greg Schwab, Director of Agronomy at Koch Agronomic Services says the advances in monitoring are exciting.

“If you have a weed control product that doesn’t work, you see it right away,” he explained. “If you lose twenty or thirty percent of your nitrogen you might not know until you’re in the combine that you had nitrogen loss, so it’s exciting that these tools are coming out where they can maybe monitor better through the year and have a better understanding of where their nitrogen status is.”

Koch offers products like Agrotain, Agrotain Plus, and Super U fertilizer to help prevent nitrogen loss. Your local retailer can help you with those products. But Schwab also suggests a visit to the county extension agent in your Indiana county this winter.

“We’ve done a lot of research in Indiana on our products through Purdue, so the extension system is well aware of how our products work and when they perform best.”

Schwab told HAT they’ve worked closely with Purdue to get a good handle on how their products perform in Indiana soils.

“Farmers always want to know how it works in their environment, so that’s what the university researchers help us understand. Then they also help us test new products, so we’re developing new products that aren’t on the market yet and Dr. Camberato has helped us there too. The reason we do that is when that new product comes on the market we already have the land grant university with a lot of knowledge about how that product works and adds value to the farmer.”

If it’s losing nitrogen through ammonia volatilization or added protection against denitrification and nitrate leaching that’s needed, see how the Koch solutions can help at https://kochagronomicservices.com/us/products/.