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Making A Change


As you can see, the blog pages have not been updated for a long time. As we evaluate  how to deal with the expanding demand for on-line video, we are learning what works and what does not. Our original thought had been to put our video products here on a special blog page.   However, this did not get them the exposure we had hoped so we have decided to do something different.


Rather than just deleting the blog section, we decided to turn it into a real blog. This area will be used for items created by our staff that do not fit on our news section. Cayla McLeland will be using her section to blog about food and rural life issues. For my part, I will share comments about issues and activities that fall outside the area of news. You would not believe some of the weird stuff that crosses my in-box daily from those who have some issues with agriculture, much of which I put into a folder called “Bull.”  This blog will give me a chance to pull a few of these gems out for public ridicule.  


As for the video, HAT is launching  YouTube channel. Watch for details coming soon.