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Making Changes for Late Planted Soybeans


Making Changes for Late Planted Soybeans

As we roll into the month of June, there is still time to get a crop planted, but first we need some dry weather. Wet fields are a problem across Indiana but especially in NW counties according to Carl Joern with Pioneer. “Lake and Porter counties have really needed some good drying conditions for quite some time,” he stated. “We really need to string several good drying days to get growers in these areas moving again.” He told HAT that things are a bit better further south, “In Newton and Jasper counties and further east in Pulaski, there has been more planting done in these areas.”

Joern said, with many farmers switching to soybeans in the next few days, there are some things to keep in mind. “Soybean growers should consider increasing their plant population to increase the number of nodes that will set pods, he stated. “They should consider increasing seeding rates by 10% for every week in June we are planting which will help mitigate the late plant circumstances.”  He also recommended considering using narrow rows when possible.

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