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Many Consumers Are Unfamiliar with Ethanol


Agriculture and Big Oil have been battling over what fuels American automobiles for a long time. A recent Reuters poll seems to show that many Americans don’t know or care what is going in their tank. More than half the drivers in the survey said they are unfamiliar with ethanol, and the same number of people surveyed said they do not pay a lot of attention to whether the gas they were buying contained ethanol. Many consumers are unaware that all gasoline contains a ten percent blend of ethanol. In fact, the only “green” they seem to really care about is the green in their wallets. Price and a convenient location are what consumers primarily look for, with 93 percent of respondents saying price was the key factor in making their buying decisions.

Big Oil manufacturers are equally struggling to get out their message about higher ethanol blends having a negative impact on their vehicles. The poll said 40 percent of respondents had no idea whether or not ethanol was good for a vehicle’s performance.

Source: NAFB News Service