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Marion Ivy Tech Holds Ribbon Cutting for Land Laboratory


Marion Ivy Tech Holds Ribbon Cutting for Land Laboratory

The Marion Ivy Tech campus held a ribbon cutting on Tuesday for the new Brickley Land Laboratory located just off Interstate 69 at State Road 18. The land was donated by Dr. Harry Brickley to be a student run test plot for students in the Ivy Tech Agriculture program.  Ivy Tech Agriculture Chair Tom Daugherty says corn is in the rotation for this year.

“We’ve been contacting a lot of seed corn companies, local dealers. We have many that have agreed to come on board with us. A lot of those companies, their agronomist has stepped up and said, ‘Hey let us help you lay this out.’ The students are developing that and they’re working with the agronomist, so they’re getting a hands on, real life activity.”

Ivy Tech offers two agriculture academic degree programs. The Associate’s of Applied Science is a two-year degree where the students, upon graduation, will go back to their family farm or find work in the ag industry. The other program is the Associate’s of Science degree that is transferable.

“Most of our students that go through that program actually end up at Purdue. So, we give them an opportunity to work, stay at home, (have a) flexible schedule, affordable education, to get those first two years out of their way before they head down to a larger university.”

Daugherty says that while not all students end up at Purdue, he would estimate about 90% do. He says donations are being accepted for the new Brickley Land Laboratory to help students in their education.

“Anything that you could think of that is farm related, we’re looking for that. That’s how this is going to prosper. And then in the fall we will have a field day, and everybody will get a chance to see exactly where their donation went.”

If you would like to donate, contact Daugherty at tdaugherty1@ivytech.edu.