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Martin Harvest Weather has Available Windows Closing



Monday USDA said Indiana corn harvest was 65 percent complete and the soybean harvest 67 percent finished. Since that report it has been a good week for more progress, but in the final HAT harvest forecast chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says the wide-open harvest windows across the state are closing as moisture begins to work its way in Friday.

“It doesn’t look like it’s a lot of moisture, but over 80% of the state may end up with anything from a few hundredths of an inch to maybe four or five tenths before all is said and done,” he explained. “And then we kind of keep this damp forecast pattern going right on through the weekend. We may add another few hundredths to a few tenths combined Saturday and Sunday, and we may even see the moisture linger into Monday.”

Martin sees a break in rain Tuesday and Wednesday, but it could return soon after that period.

“There’s been a system that’s been dancing around anywhere from late Wednesday through Thursday or Friday or some combination of those days. We’ve been seeing it for almost a week now. Timing is going to be key as to when things start but the results are going to be the same. There’s quarter to three quarter inch moisture totals in that event from mid-week on toward the end of next week.”

From there various active weather patterns will dot the landscape.

“We’ve got a weather system that may try and develop from the fifth and the sixth, another one around the seventh, and another one around the eleventh. All of them have good moisture potential. So, while most of October has featured some fairly wide-open dry windows, that pattern changes here as we go from right now through the first half of November.”

Temperatures have cooled this last week, and Martin says that will continue for the most part.

“Temperatures generally speaking over the next week to ten days are going to be normal to below, but I do think ahead of next week ‘s system, so Tuesday, Wednesday as we’re drying, I think south wins may bump temperatures up to above normal levels for a short period of time, maybe two or three days, that’s all.”

Otherwise it’s continued cool weather into the first part of November.

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