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Martin to Review Recent Weather Patterns in Spring Preview at Indy Farm Expo



The Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo kicks off Tuesday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the West Pavilion. Hoosier Ag Today chief meteorologist Ryan Martin is among the seminar presenters, and even before his Wednesday spring weather preview, we need to know if everyone will be able to easily travel to the Expo.

“I think so,” Martin said. “I think we’ve got a little bit of moisture that tries to come through just ahead of the Expo. I’m thinking Monday, Monday afternoon, maybe a little bit lingers into Tuesday, but I don’t think it’s going to be a major problem for us. We’re looking at colder air coming in but at this point I don’t think we see a big snow event trying to come to Indianapolis.”

Martin’s weather presentation is Wednesday of the Expo at 11 am, and his early spring outlook will not enable you to plan your spring planting. It’s just too early for that.

“Exactly, and look at last year,” he said. “This past year spring just threw us one heck of a curveball, and I’m not going to say that will or won’t happen again, but we’re going to take a look at trends that we’re seeing coming out of a 12-16 month period that’s been wetter than we’ve ever seen before both for spring and fall harvest. That’s got to tell us something about the pattern.”

He said the weather discussion may just spark more ideas about how to look at bringing more marginal ground into play if weather just doesn’t cooperate again.

But, first up for Martin, also with Louis Drefyus, the soybean processor in Claypool, is a Tuesday seminar on a new marketing approach. He’ll focus on different tools you can put in the marketing toolbox.

“So many folks in agriculture are still using the standard cash sales and what to do with them, and we’re getting inundated more and more with other marketing outfits trying to do what I’m calling next generation contracts, things like accumulators and some of these things that may honestly be just too much. It’s a lot of theory.”

So, he will focus more on the “middle of the road approach” to manage your risk on price a little bit better and be more profitable.

The entire 3-day Expo agenda is at www.indianafarmexpo.com where you can also register to attend and get a free parking voucher.

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