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McDonald’s Says ‘Thank You’ to Indiana Farmers on National Ag Day


“Without the Indiana farmers, we wouldn’t have the great products and food that we serve at McDonald’s today.”

That’s Bob Terhune, an owner/operator of 16 McDonald’s locations in east central Indiana. He’s taking the opportunity this National Ag Day to thank the great farmers of the Hoosier state.

“We take great pride in serving great food, that we turn into great products, and we can’t have that great food without the help of the Indiana farmers to give us the right kind of products we need to serve that great food. So, I’m very appreciative of what the great farmers in the state of Indiana do.”

In 2019, the McDonald’s system purchased $28 million dollars in products from Indiana farmers. That included 5.2 million gallons of milk, 22 million eggs, 3.8 million pounds of pork, 5,000 pounds of corn, and 800,000 pounds of soybeans.

Terhune says, “I’ve been a McDonald’s operator for over 40 years, something I’m very proud of, and to me it’s really important that my Indiana McDonald’s source food from my Indiana farmers. Personally, I take great pride in that fact. So, I’m very proud of the association we have.”

McDonald’s is the nation’s single largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes, and is the second largest buyer of chicken.