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Meat Industry tells Vegetarians: You’ll be back


A recent study being touted by the meat industry concludes that most who adopt a vegetarian or vegan diets wind up abandoning the diet. The Hill reports Five out of six Americans who try vegetarian diets go back to eating meat, according to the study. The American Meat Institute calls the study evidence that most prefer to live as carnivores. AMI spokesperson Janet Riley stated “A growing body of evidence reveals that balanced diets that include meat and poultry are the best option for good nutrition and for weight control because meat controls hunger.”

The study was commissioned by the Humane Research Council and conducted New York based market research firm Harris Interactive. Though the study was paid for by proponents of the vegetarian lifestyle, AMI sought to cast the study as a win for the meat industry. Out of 11,000 respondents, the study found only 2 percent was vegetarian or vegan.