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Meet Indiana Dairy Farmers During June Dairy Month


June Dairy Month 13

It’s National Dairy Month throughout June and the American Dairy Association of Indiana has made it easy for Hoosier consumers to get to know their local dairy producers. Jenni Purcell explains www.winnersdrinkmilk.com is now featuring 30 of the state’s producers for the 30 days in the month.

“We even have an interactive map for when someone wants to see what dairy farms are close to them. They can go to the map and check it out and it ranges all the way from grazing to organic to conventional. So we have any kind of dairy farm you want to check out. We have pictures, farm mottos, and also farm recipes which I think will be a really big hit with our consumers.”

The thirty highlighted farms are just a small fraction of actual dairy operations in the state. Collectively dairy contributes quite a lot to the Indiana economy.

Jenni Purcell“There is over 1,200 Hoosier dairy farms,” she told HAT. “That’s a lot and I think a lot of people are so surprised by that number. There are about 174,000 dairy cows in Indiana, around about $110 million dollars to the Hoosier economy every year, and we create over 8,000 Indiana jobs.”

Purcell says your purchase of milk in the local store is more than likely a purchase that comes from a nearby farm.

“Everyone wants the local food to support your local farm and when you go to the grocery store it has only traveled about a hundred miles and usually whatever store you go to and grab a gallon of milk, you’re going to be most times supporting your Indiana dairy farmer.”

More dairy month facts are on the website and the 30 featured farms are blogging all month long at www.winnersdrinkmilkblog.com.

Purcell is the Director of Communications for American Dairy Association of Indiana and the Dairy & Nutrition Council, both a part of Milk Promotion Services of Indiana.