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Merging With the Monsanto Portfolio a Top Priority in ’19 for Bayer Crop Science


Merging the Monsanto Portfolio a Top Priority in ’19 for Bayer Crop Science

Day 1 in Orlando for Hoosier Ag Today was spent at the Bayer Agvocacy Forum where Lisa Safarian, President and Head of Commercial Operations for Crop Science in North America for Bayer, talked about the acquisition of Monsanto and their priorities for 2019.

“Quite frankly, our biggest priority is that we have no interruption in business in any way. That our customers continue to be served whether they were being served by Bayer or they were being served by Monsanto. That nothing changes in ’19. That they get the products that they requested, that everything gets shipped and delivered, and we’re in great shape with no interruption.”

Safarian told HAT that they are in the very beginning stages of merging the Bayer and Monsanto portfolios and farmers will begin to see some of that this year.

“So, for example, we’ll be offering some Bayer selective corn herbicides in our Roundup Ready Plus program with some increased rebates as we start to bring the portfolios together.  This is one small example, but it’s the beginning of bringing our portfolios together.

Executive VP and Head of Research and Development for Bayer Crop Science Dr. Bob Reiter, who came over in the Monsanto acquisition, said that he’s a big believer that when you bring different sciences together, that’s when amazing things can happen.

“So, you bring the strengths of Monsanto in seeds and traits together now with the phenomenal crop protection engine from legacy Bayer and I know it’s early days, but I see the interaction of our scientists talking about how they do things, how they’re working together. In many instances, we were working on some of the same problems, (such as) insect control for our various crops, but different approaches. I think bringing the sciences together, and then ultimately how do we develop and use these to provide really tailored solutions for customers, I think this is the piece that were really looking forward to.”

We’ll have more from Commodity Classic in 74-degree Orlando throughout the week.