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Mexico-U.S. to Focus on New Tariff Threat


Mexico is warning of possible retaliation if President Trump moves forward with planned tariffs on Mexico due to border crossings. Mexican officials flew to Washington over the weekend ahead of a planned summit Wednesday. President Trump over the weekend continued his pressure on Mexico, taking to Twitter to say, “We want action, not talk,” regarding the border crisis.

Trump says he will impose the tariffs to pressure Mexico to block Central American migrants from crossing the border into the United States. Those tariffs would increase by five percent every month through October, capping at 25 percent. Advocacy group Farmers for Free Trade says in a statement the move by Trump “will likely invite retaliation on the products we export to Mexico,” including agricultural products, electronics, and car parts, among others. The group says tariffs on imports from Mexico could lead to $25 billion in higher costs for American consumers.

The tariffs promised by Trump were announced as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement made progress towards implementation in all three member countries last week.