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Midday Update


Midday Update

* At midday has corn +4, soybeans -1, wheat +10, Dec cattle -0.925, Dec hogs -1.150.
* Corn export sales of 27.9 million bushels came in at the top end of expectations and 34% ahead of the previous four week average but still only at 65% of the sales at this time last year.
* Chinese importers temporarily stopped purchasing DDGs on worries the government may launch an anti-dumping investigation.
* Talk in the trade of an additional three cargos to come from Brazil to North Carolina in the next six months – highlighting the impact of currency exchange and ocean shipping rates on global corn competitiveness.
* Soybean export sales came in above the top expectation at 82.3 million bushels with wheat at the upper end of expectations with 21.7 million bushels.
* Ethanol futures continue to trade at a premium to unleaded, suggesting ongoing export business providing support to ethanol.
* The International Grains Council on Thursday trimmed its forecast for world wheat production by 1 million tons to 726 million tons. The council raised world corn production for 15/16 by 3 million tons to 970 million tons.
* As of 10/27, the 2-Day Lean Hog Index was down 0.54 from the previous day at 72.75.

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