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Midwest Crop Tour Begins Finds Impressive Indiana Yields


Midwest Crop Tour Begins Finds Impressive Indiana Yields

The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour started moving across fields on Monday, assessing yield potential for corn and soybeans.  The eastern leg of the tour began in NW Ohio. Ty Higgins, who is riding along on the tour for Hoosier Ag Today, said that in Ohio the results were not very impressive, “We saw a lot of drought stress, and the soybeans were short and thin.” Corn yields at their Ohio stops ranged from 133bpa to 176bpa. The market is watching the tour results for confirmation that the record yields forecast by USDA in their August report are accurate.  The Ohio totals seem to call those estimates into question.

Here are the final results for the entire eastern leg of this year’s Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour for Ohio.

Corn –148.96 bushels to the acre.

Soybeans – 1055.05 pods in 3X3 foot square.

Blackford Ct
Blackford Ct

But as the tour moved into Indiana, yields improved, “Our first stop was in Allen County, and we saw a field with an estimated yield of 195 bpa. That was about the best field we had seen to that point.”  Higgins said, at other Indiana stops, yields were good. A Blackford County field had 151bpa, and in Wells County two fields were checked. One had 180bpa and the other only about 20 miles away had 128bpa. Grant County made the top 5 for the day at 182bpa.

Hamilton Ct
Hamilton Ct

As the tour moved toward their first overnight stop in Fishers, they hit a field in Madison County with 205bpa which topped the day’s findings.  Hamilton had the most mature field of day, 1 in full dent with an estimated yield of 185bpa.

Soybean measurements are taken in a 3 foot square. A few of the pod counts reported included:

Hamilton 1408

Madison 1291

Grant 1408

Blackford 604

Wells 634

Allen 897

The western leg started in South Dakota and moved into Nebraska. Scouts reported that yields looked good, but not as good as last year. Early corn yield averages on the western leg were reported to be 164bpa, compared to 174bpa in last year’s report.

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