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Midwest Retailers of Brevant™ Seeds Share Excitement for 2021 Season


It’s easy for retailers of Brevant seeds to bust out of the winter doldrums thinking about the promising results of last fall’s harvest, commodity prices and access to new seed genetics.

“It’s been really exciting watching retail’s response to the brand since launch,” said Mike Lozier, Marketing Leader for the Brevant seeds brand. “We’re proud to offer 31 new products exclusively through retail and help them deliver an even stronger offer to their customers. With this new corn class, we’ve widened our performance advantage against the competition and we’re earning retail’s support with our people and our clear route-to-market strategy.”

Jake Fairley, sales agronomist, Country Partners in Gothenburg, Nebraska, said 2021 looks promising. “Our guys are excited,” he said. “The full fields we had with Brevant hybrids last year showed that this new brand has some great hybrids.”

The new Brevant brand grain corn class is backed by more than 36,000 head-to-head comparisons.1 Touting an 18.3 bu/A yield advantage vs. the competition, Brevant brand B00M18Q is a 100-day hybrid that has an 82.6%-win rate in nearly 2,000 head-to-head comparisons. Other standout hybrids include B06Y18Q with a 10.8 bu/A advantage, B14G14AM with a 6.7 bu/A advantage and B13A10AM with an 11.9 bu/A competitive advantage. The new product lineups are available exclusively through ag retailers across the Midwest and the eastern Corn Belt.

“This year, we’ve released 20 new grain corn hybrids that boast a 9.4 bu/A yield advantage in 36,633 head-to-head comparisons,” said Travis Belt, Portfolio and Technology Leader for the Brevant seeds brand. “We’ve expanded our Enlist E3 soybean portfolio with 11 new varieties to provide more depth and high-yielding options, with focus on early maturity groups. Our goal is to bring the best products forward for our retailers and their farmer customers. Higher yield will mean even more with improved commodity prices.”

Insect Protection and Weed Control Remain Top-of-Mind

Through Corteva Agriscience, Brevant™ seeds selects products from the largest proprietary library of elite corn germplasm in the world. Kyle Anderson, seed specialist, Nutrien Ag Solutions in Sheffield, Illinois, is excited about having newer genetics industrywide this year. In an area with heavy rootworm pressure, Anderson said, Brevant brand Qrome® products are a good fit to help his customers.

“Rootworm is a worry,” Anderson said. “It’s more of an issue now than it was in the past, and I am recommending Qrome corn products on more acres this year. Early emergence is the No. 1 thing my customers are looking for. They want a product that will come out of the ground fast and carry over into overall stand count.”

Of the 20 new Brevant brand corn products, seven have Qrome technology to provide above- and below-ground insect protection. The remaining corn products feature either Optimum® AcreMax® insect protection or Optimum AcreMax Leptra® technology. The soybean lineup consists of 11 new Brevant brand Enlist E3® soybeans. With more postemergence herbicide flexibility, these varieties deliver peace of mind and increased yield potential.

For more information about the new product lineup, visit Brevant.com/products or talk with your local ag retailer.

Source: Corteva news release