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Midwestern Senators Press EPA Chief on Ethanol


A group of Midwestern Republican senators met Tuesday with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to express their concerns about the agency’s recent moves on ethanol, according to a spokesman for Sen. Grassley. Ethanol is one of the few energy issues that is controversial within the Republican Party, so expect this tension to wear on throughout President Trump’s time in the White House. This meeting comes ahead of a November 30 deadline for EPA to issue final annual regulations as part of the federal ethanol mandate.

Pruitt has been frustrated with Grassley’s aggressive intervention on the mandate, according to a senior government official. Grassley, as chairman of the Judiciary Committee that has jurisdiction over judicial nominees and the Russian investigation, is one of the most powerful senators on Capitol Hill. Trump has made clear to Pruitt that he needs to work with Grassley to resolve their dispute over the mandate, according to the official. An EPA spokesman declined to comment on Grassley’s role or Pruitt’s perceived frustration.

Source: Axios.com