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What Might Those Indiana Farm Bureau Health Plans Look Like?


What Might Those Indiana Farm Bureau Health Plans Look Like?

More today on the legislation that could soon be on its way to Governor Eric Holcomb for a signature that will allow Indiana Farm Bureau to offer members a more affordable health benefits plan. That term, “more affordable”, has been said many times in conjunction with this bill. More affordable than what? And how much more affordable?

“If they are not getting any subsidies on the ACA plans, this will most likely be a lot more affordable plan then what’s out there on the marketplace currently,” said Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron referencing the difference between the Affordable Care Act plans (or Obamacare) and what they will offer.

Kron says this concept isn’t new. They’re partnering with Tennessee Farm Bureau who has been doing this for years now.

“If you want to take a sneak peek at close to what it’s going to look like, I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be exactly them, but you could go look at the Tennessee Farm Bureau plans and they’ll be very similar. Price wise, you have to understand that it depends on the pool of people, so there could be a little difference there, but it’d give you a sneak peek at what it could be.”

Here is a link to those plans on the Tennessee Farm Bureau website.

Kron says there are only two stipulations to signing up when the plans become available. You have to be an Indiana Farm Bureau member (memberships start as low as $32.50 annually), and you have to complete a health screening and meet certain requirements.

Kron reiterated that this plan will be robust and very helpful to farmer’s bottom lines and, more importantly, their lives.

“If you go back to our survey, 48 percent of our members said that they have passed on going to the doctor when they probably should have because they were worried about cost. This plan will pay a lot of those preventative costs, whether it’s blood work, or you’re going to see the doctor, or do an annual physical.”

Again, you need not be a farmer to take advantage of this benefit, just an INFB member. Also, not all applicants will qualify due to the health screening. Though, in Tennessee, they say nearly 9 out of 10 applicants receive coverage.

Correction:  SB-184 still requires a final vote in the Senate before heading to Governor Holcomb’s desk.