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Mobile App Connects Grain Buyers and Sellers


More growers are relying on mobile technology for their daily farming operations. To reflect the seller’s changing needs for updated grain-market information – Farms Technology, LLC – a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont Pioneer – has updated its Dynamic Pricing Platform Graindesk mobile app. This free app allows growers to make, monitor and manage offers to sell corn, soybeans and wheat 24 hours a day. Farms Technology Manager Kevin Heikes says having access to contract and offer information will help growers manage logistics and the flow of grain to their local merchandisers.

The app not only puts preferred buyers’ bids at the grower’s fingertips – it also delivers updated market information with the ability to create and manage futures-only and cash offers. Buyers are able to communicate directly with sellers through mobile messaging. DPP Graindesk offers are monitored with every tick of the futures market from 8:30 in the morning to 1:15 in the afternoon and from seven in the evening until 7:45 in the morning. The app utilizes the CME Group electronic markets to facilitate an automatic connection between grower-approved offers and buyers’ hedge orders. DPP Graindesk can place a hedge order, receive confirmation of the fill, execute the cash purchase and notify the buyer and seller in seconds. Heikes says the mobile app streamlines the conversation between the grower and merchandiser.

This app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The free mobile app is available for download at the App Store or Google Play store. For more information – visit dppgraindesk dot com (www.dppgraindesk.com).


source: NAFB News service