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More Moisture Moving Through This Weekend, but a Dry Extended Forecast


More Moisture Moving Through This Weekend, but a Dry Extended Forecast

Many thought they’d be in the field until Christmas this year, but USDA’s Monday crop report put Indiana corn at 89% harvested and Indiana soybeans at 94%. HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin has our final harvest weather forecast of the season presented by First Farmers Bank & Trust, proud to support Indiana farmers, Kokomo Grain, and Seed Genetics Direct: a family-owned company meeting the corn, wheat, soybean, alfalfa, and herbicide needs of Corn Belt farmers. Value. Knowledge. Performance. It’s in their genetics.

He says remaining harvest, as you can imagine, will be more difficult due to increased moisture totals, like the inch or more that some received earlier this week.

“We’ve got another strong storm complex that wants to move across the area late this weekend. As we go from Friday night through Sunday morning, I think most of the Hoosier state can see anywhere from 6 tenths of an inch to maybe 2 inches full. That’s a lot more than we’d been hoping for, but it looks like there’s plenty of moisture coming up from the southwest.”

Martin says the bulk of the moisture halts when colder air moves in Sunday afternoon.

“While I still have some light snow in my forecast, it’s not going to be a big push of snow at this point. Most of the precipitation wants to fall here nearby in the form of rain, but don’t rule out some minor snow accumulation Sunday night through midday Monday.”

Martin’s forecast is dry next week, with a mix of clouds and sunshine Tuesday through Saturday.

“We’re cold for Tuesday and Wednesday, but temperatures start to moderate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In that temperature moderation, I guess I won’t rule out a few scattered showers Friday night and early Saturday morning far south and southwest. I think that’s it. Honestly, as I look ahead to the 11 to 16-day outlook, even that looks drier now. A quarter of an inch of moisture or less maybe Monday, the 8th, across 60 percent of the state.”

You can hear Martin’s forecast each and every weekday in the HAT Morning Edition podcast and see his 7-day outlook on the weather page.