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Monsanto Announces 2013 Project Advancements


Monsanto is advancing a record 18 projects across multiple research areas in 2013. The company notes each one is aimed at sustainably maximizing farmer productivity while conserving resources like water and land. Dr. Robb Fraley – Monsanto Chief Technology Officer – says the company added next-generation agronomic trait solutions, advanced work in the unique space of yield and stress with the launch of Genuity® DroughtGard™ Hybrids, advanced breeding projects that combat yield-reducing pests and diseases and added projects in the area of agricultural biologicals. Monsanto also has three projects in its Ground Breakers® on-farm testing program – including the continuation of Intacta RR2 PRO™ in Brazil.

Monsanto is advancing several projects under its biotechnology platform to Phase 1 – including Next-Generation Corn Rootworm and Next-Generation Insect-Protected Soybeans. Herbicide-Tolerant Wheat and Insect Protected + Roundup Ready® Sugarcane advanced to Phase 2 – while Dicamba, Glufosinate and Glyphosate-Tolerant Corn advanced to Phase 3. Dicamba and Glufosinate-Tolerant Cotton advanced to Phase 4. Monsanto is also launching Drought-Tolerant Corn in collaboration with BASF.

Under its breeding platform – Monsanto is launching Phytophthora Root Rot Resistance in Soybeans and Performance Series™ Broccoli. Goss’s Wilt Resistance in Corn and Root Know Nematode Resistance in Cotton advanced to Phase 3 and Phase 4 respectively.


Source: NAFB News Service