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Monsanto Bringing Plenty of Technology to the Farm


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Rick MyroupTechnology is a big part of farming and farmers realize that every time they open a bag of high tech seed. But beyond the seed one of the keys that farmers look for when considering implementation of new technology is ease of use. Last year 150 groundbreakers growers were involved in testing Monsanto’s FieldScripts prescription planting service. Rick Myroup of DEKALB says early reaction was very positive.

“I talked with a number of those farmers as we got into the process last spring and the thing that was most concerning to them was if I’m were out in the field and it doesn’t work or if it’s complicated, I’m just going to plant. But we were happy to report of all of the guys we had in the program nobody had an issue and in fact when we went back and did market research with those guys the number one thing they came back and told us was how simple and convenient it was.

“It was easy to do,” he told HAT. “You could switch products on the fly in the field, you could do it wirelessly. It plugged right into the 20/20 in the cab. So they were really excited about the simplicity and convenience of being able to have those science based recommendations.”

The Acres of Gold yield optimization online guide launched late last year represents more web technology that allows growers anytime during the year to see what they can be doing at that point in the year to optimize yield.

“It really looks at corn production on both a yield impacting factor basis and also a time of year basis,” Myroup said “That is you can go in and take a look at how the environment, how product selection, how disease and pest management, tillage and residue management practices Becca Walleraffect your yield at the end of the year. Not only can you look at those different factors, you also can look at them by different times of the year. You can what you need to be thinking post-harvest, planting, early season, mid-season, late season and harvest.”

The guide is at DEKALB.com/AcresofGold.

Becca Waller with Asgrow says soybean growers can see what production was like in their local area online.

“If farmers want to get local results they can go to https://www.aganytime.com/agAhead/Pages/Yield-Map.aspx, enter their zip code and they’ll find what’s happening in their county.”

She adds Asgrow is rolling out a ‘Class of ’14’ product lineup this year featuring, “step changes in performance, improved disease packages as well.”