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Monsanto to Appeal Ruling of Brazilian Judge


Monsanto Company plans to appeal a ruling by a judge of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice relating to the company’s request for a term correction of a patent covering Roundup Ready soybeans. The company is moving forward with the next phase of the appeals process to secure its intellectual property rights and ensure its business is not disrupted in Brazil. Monsanto says it is committed to ongoing dialogue with farmers and their representative groups in order to pave the way for innovation in agriculture. The company says this is one of the critical paths towards delivering value to Brazil’s farmers and its economy and meeting the demands of our growing planet. Monsanto’s Legal Director for Latin America Todd Rands says the company looks forward to presenting its case to the Supreme Court of Brazil at a later date.

Monsanto previously obtained patent protection in Brazil for its first-generation Roundup Ready soybean products. Monsanto is seeking to correct the term of its patent rights in Brazil – in accordance with Brazilian law – to conform to the 2014 patent term granted in the U.S. The judge’s ruling represents one immediate step in the ongoing legal process within the country. Monsanto will seek review of the decision by a full panel of judges of the Superior Court of Justice. In addition – Monsanto previously field an appropriate appeal which has been admitted to be heard by the Supreme Court of Brazil – which will ultimately hear and decide the patent term correction.


Source: NAFB News Service