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More BSE Details Released as Consumer Group Calls Case a Warning Flag


Even as USDA was working to provide additional details on the latest U.S. BSE case – a consumer group was telling the department and the Food and Drug Administration that this latest case is a warning flag. The group also called for a thorough investigation of the case – including the testing of all of the infected cow’s offspring and any cows – including current herd mates – that may have ever consumed the same feed. The epidemiological investigation was already continuing – and late Wednesday – USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service released additional information. The investigation has identified that one progeny born to the positive cow in the last two years was stillborn. Another – located on a site outside of California – has been appraised, humanely euthanized and sampled for BSE. Test results for that animal are negative for the disease. APHIS says no birth cohort cattle have been located.

APHIS is also reporting that a hold order has been placed on all cattle at another dairy associated with the California dairy of the BSE-positive animal. Both dairies are under quarantine. In addition – a calf ranch where the positive cow was raised 10 years ago is being investigated. Through an investigation of feed records – 10 feed firms have been identified as suppliers to the initial dairy during the time period of interest. Feed investigators have confirmed that domestic distribution of meat and bone meal at the rendering facility meets federal labeling requirements.

Source: NAFB News Service