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Morning Outlook


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Overnight Highlights

  • Overnight markets have corn -3, soybeans -9, wheat -2, crude oil -.11, dollar even, gold -2.0 and the Dow -24
  • Lower grains this morning. China placed duties on US DDGs, good yield reports in soybeans continue to be reported and a little dryer forecast for the corn-belt. Corn yield reports continue to be more erratic than many have anticipated.
  • China added a 33.8% duty on US DDGs being imported in response to the US complaint over China’s corn and wheat subsidies to the WTO.
  • China and Canada agreed to terms to settle their Canola import dispute. New standards will give Canadian exporters more confidence in sales to China.
  • USDA will be out with its monthly Cattle on Feed report this afternoon. Avg estimates On Feed of 101.1% while Placements are expected at 113% of a year ago.
  • Heavy Iowa rains prompted Cargill’s Cedar Rapids facility to stop accepting corn at its river terminal. The river is forecast to crest next Tuesday.
  • Yesterday funds sold 7,000 corn, 1,000 wheat and bought 1,000 soybeans.

Commodity Weather Group Forecast

·         Heavy rains in N. IA causing localized flooding; rest of Midwest favorably dry yesterday aiding early corn/soy harvest

·         Late weekend rains in Midwest less intense limiting flood risks and allowing quicker harvest recovery next week

·         Rains early in 11-15 day slow Midwest harvest but E. 1/2 delays still likely to be minor; main set back in NW

·         Delta rains early next week substantially scaled back with only minor delays; Southeast drier, harvest to recover

·         Rains in 1-5/11-15 day diminish dry spots in Plains wheat aiding germination; W. TX cotton drier after early week rain

·         Canadian wheat/canola harvest wetter next 10 days slowing progress and raising the potential for localized damage


International Overview


·         Argentina Shower Event Late Next Week Still Weak; 1/3 of Wheat May Remain Under Moisture Stress


·         NW 1/2 of Ukraine Wheat Back on Track to Pick Up Needed Rains Increase Next Week Aiding Germination


·         Brazil Rains Aid NE 1/4 of Corn/Soy Planting This Weekend, C. 1/3 Sees Needed Rains Following Weekend


·         NE China Corn/Soy Harvest Weekend Rain Delays Brief; Rains Improve Wheat Seeding Prospects Next Week



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