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Motorcycle Group Lobbies Against E15


The American Motorcycle Association was on Capitol Hill Wednesday for its E15 Fuel for Thought Lobby Day. Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen called it a rally without a cause. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis agrees – noting motorcycle operators aren’t even legally allowed to use E15 – as the Environmental Protection Agency has specifically prohibited its use in motorcycles and other small engines. Buis and Dinneen say the ethanol industry and EPA have worked diligently to address concerns previously raised by the AMA – taking the necessary steps to ensure E15 is clearly labeled on fuel pumps to prevent any possible misfueling.


Questioning the point of the AMA’s demonstration – which was sponsored in part by the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Associations – Buis says they might as well be protesting the sale of diesel at gas stations. Dinneen says it’s hard to believe E15 is a bigger concern that road safety and driver awareness of motorcycles. But Buis says it’s just more of the same from special interests that want to keep us addicted to the failed status quo of our dependence on foreign oil while simultaneously preventing consumers who can use E15 a choice and savings at the pump.