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NAFTA and Farm Bill Topics of Conversation at IBCA Annual Meeting


NAFTA and Farm Bill Topics of Conversation and IBCA Annual Meeting

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association held its annual convention and tradeshow on Saturday. Prior to the events, the IBCA held their annual meeting. IBCA Executive Vice President Joe Moore says there are concerns for the beef industry as it relates to trade and potential changes to NAFTA. “Any changes to the NAFTA agreement that would put a negative impact on beef exports or imports would not be good for our industry. Each carcass is valued at about $300 based on international trade. So, any disruption of that trade would be very, very negative for our industry.”

Moore says that producers are also concerned about relationships in Washington preventing the Farm Bill from being created and implemented. On the IBCA’s wish list for the new Farm Bill, Moore says, “the biggest ask is for a Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine bank. The U.S. beef industry, along with pork, has asked for a vaccine bank to be created that could be implemented in very short time should we have an outbreak in the United States. Another issue for us in the Farm Bill would be the Endangered Species Act and the revision of some of those rules.”

Clark Sennett

New officers were named at their annual meeting. President, Joe Horstman of West Lafayette; President-Elect, Dr. Bruce Lamb of Milford; Vice President, Neal Smith from Pendleton and Treasurer, Andrew Stewart of Greensburg. Clark Sennett of Waynetown was awarded with the Robert C. Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award and Doug Gerber was named the Outstanding Cattleman of the Year.