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Name Change for Indiana Dairy in 2014


New Indiana dairy name

Deb Osza 13Next week is another short work week for many as the New Year’s holiday marks the end of 2013 and the start of a brand new year. That means resolutions for many people and for one Indiana farm organization 2014 marks a name change.

Deb Osza is the general manager of Milk Promotion Services of Indiana, but she says that name goes away next week.

“We’re merging Milk Promotion Services and American Dairy Association of Indiana together and we’re renaming the organization American Dairy Association, Indiana Inc. it is a more widely known name than Milk Promotion Services and we believe it’s more widely known by both consumers and the media. It helps us to brand ourselves without two names and it makes it easier for the staff because we don’t have to stop and think, now which name should we use? Now we’ll know, it’s just American Dairy Association, Indiana.”

This year has been a successful one for Indiana dairy according to Osza, and she says a big part of that is the growth in Fuel Up to Play 60, the child nutrition and fitness initiative in Indiana schools.

“Over 70 percent of Indiana schools are participating at some level,” she told HAT. “We’re making a difference in the lives of Indiana students in their nutrition and fitness. It’s a student led program and we hear every day positive stories about how students are becoming more fit and active and healthy, trying nutritious foods and learning that nutritious foods are a great way to be healthy and have a good, active lifestyle. So it’s exciting and it’s great to know that our Indiana dairy farmers are behind that program and are ready to help Indiana students.”

That initiative continues for the next five years. And the milk does indeed return next year at the Indy 500.

“We have our milkmen in place who will be ready to hand the winner of the Indy 500 an ice cold bottle of milk. That’s Alan Wright in the Muncie area and Ken Hoeing in central Indiana.”

Both dairy farmers will be omnipresent in May and ready to deliver at the 500 finish.