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NASS September Surveys Focus on Small Grains, Hog Inventories


USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service now is gathering final information on the 2012 U.S. small grains crops – focusing on harvested acreage, crops produced and stored – until September 17th. Also – NASS is conducting a survey of current hog inventories. Bob Bass – NASS National Operations Center Director – says with the most recent crop production report forecasting corn and soybean production at the lowest levels in years – it is as important as ever that farmers, livestock producers, grain dealers, policy makers and others using the statistics receive the best possible estimate.

Nearly 73-thousand producers will receive the survey and are asked to respond. Some already have received their surveys and can fill it out online or mail it back to NASS. Those who do not respond will receive a phone call from NASS representatives to help them respond. Bass says that NASS recognizes farmers and ranchers are having a rough summer – but NASS hopes they realize the value of the information to their businesses, communities and industries – therefore taking the time to respond to the surveys. For more information on the surveys – go to www dot nass dot usda dot gov slash surveys (www.nass.usda.gov/surveys).


Source: NAFB News service