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National Ag Week Events Happening Across Indiana and US


National Ag Week Events Happening Across Indiana and US

National Ag Week events are happening all across the country this week leading up to National Ag Day Thursday. National Ag Day is organized by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) of which Isabella Chism, Indiana Farm Bureau Second Vice President, is this year’s chair.  Chism told Hoosier Ag Today that National Ag Day is 1 day out of 365 that the industry can come together to lift up and celebrate agriculture.

“Really, it’s something that we take for granted every single day. From the moment we are born until the moment we die, we are touched by agriculture every day of our lives. So, I do believe that this effort to promote and celebrate agriculture on one day out of the year is well worth participating in.”

Along with all of the events happening in DC tomorrow, Chism says Indiana communities are participating as well. Many are going into the classroom to spread the good news of agriculture by reading a book about ag to students.

“This year’s book of the year, Compost Stew, is a nice bridge book where we can talk to everybody that has either a little bit of understanding about farming or no understanding at all. They’re reading this to the classrooms and doing some activities with them, so we’re educating the younger generation.”

Chism added that many farmers are taking this opportunity to invite legislators out to the farm.

“Whether it’s a hog farm or a grain farm, which you might say, ‘Well, there’s nothing going out in the fields right now,’ and you’d be right, but there’s still a lot of work that goes on that people don’t understand. The more we can let people understand what goes on in the ag community and in the rural communities, the better relationship we have and the better reciprocal support we can have for each other.”

You can hear my full interview with Chism that discusses all of the activities happening in DC and around the country below.

INFB’s Isabella Chism on National Ag Day