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National Corn Growers Launch Ethanol Video Contest


The National Corn Growers Association is taking a page out of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Fuel the Future video competition to launch their own video contest called Ethanol Rocks. NCGA is looking for video entries that promote the advantages ethanol brings to American consumers during a year when those consumers will begin to see a 15 percent blend of the fuel at the pump.

Chad Willis, chairman of NCGA’s Ethanol Committee told HAT the contest should be a good way to engage the nation’s youth in the discussion about ethanol’s benefits.

“Ethanol over the last few years has had some negative publicity and we know it doesn’t get taught in the schools. People are so far removed from the farm anymore and this is a way to engage students. They’re very creative and everybody is connected on the internet nowadays so we just wanted to tap into the youth and their creativity.”

Video submissions are expected to help demonstrate how ethanol is better for the environment, helps lessen the need for foreign oil and keeps the cost of gasoline down.

“Oh it most definitely does,” Willis said. “There was a study out of Iowa State last year that said ethanol reduces the price of wholesale gasoline by about 89 cents a gallon. That wasn’t us coming up with those figures. That was Iowa State University, so I know that it is a very economical means to help lower the gas prices in the U.S.

Ethanol Rocks first place prize money of $1,500 will be awarded in both high school and college student categories in addition to $500 second place awards for both levels. Willis said distribution of Ethanol Rocks video contest application and rules packets online and to FFA chapters and members of the National Science Teachers Association has begun. The contest is looking for short videos (2 minutes or less) from active high school and college students from all scholastic backgrounds and majors, and entries can be submitted by individuals, groups or organizations. Judging will be based on criteria such as creativity, impact and general appeal.

Entry deadline is 5 p.m. CST Monday, October 15.[audio:https://www.hoosieragtoday.com//wp-content/uploads//2012/05/NCGA-Ethanol-Rocks-contest.mp3|titles=NCGA Ethanol Rocks contest]

Willis, from just west of Minneapolis in the town of Willmar, said maintaining the national RFS2 is one item high on the priority list of the NCGA Ethanol Committee this year.

“Other things we’re still very active in are the blender pump promotion and talking about flex fuel vehicles being able to utilize the higher blends. One other thing coming up fast is keeping an eye on cellulosic ethanol. They’re starting to break ground on plants also, so there will be more ethanol coming in to the marketplace, not just corn ethanol.”

Hear the full HAT interview:[audio:https://www.hoosieragtoday.com//wp-content/uploads//2012/05/Chad-Willis-talks-ethanol.mp3|titles=Chad Willis talks ethanol]