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National FFA Convention Opens; Members Ready to be Motivated


2017 Kickoff Lunch

FFA members from all over the U.S. are in Indiana as their 90th annual convention opens in the capitol city of Indianapolis. The students come from every corner of the country. At the Wednesday kickoff luncheon two state presidents from Corn Belt states spoke with HAT about the 2017 convention theme, I Can. We Will.

Abby Bertz from Missouri explained, “I can do some pretty cool things and Jake can do some pretty cool things, but together we can do amazing things, and I think that’s the whole goal of the national FFA organization. It’s coming together to foster change and make progress for future generations around the world.”

This is the fourth convention she has attended and each year she looks forward to the motivation the convention offers and the challenge to take that home with her to put it to good use.

Jake Judge from Nebraska is attending his second national convention, and it’s an event that has him hooked.

“The atmosphere here is unreal fostering 65,000 members who are just crazy passionate about agriculture.”

He also hopes to take that passion back home with him. Judge said involvement in FFA has helped crystalize his desire for a future in agriculture.

“I knew that if I was in agriculture I’d have a job when I graduated college because the demand for agriculturalists is very high.”

Bertz grew up on a row crop farm, worked at U-pick berry patch and witnessed the ag business international work that her mom does. But FFA has helped her take her knowledge further.

“Through FFA I was able to learn different skills and advance upon that knowledge. I knew that going to college to earn an ag business degree would help me to take all of that knowledge and continue advancing upon it to help agriculture hopefully at an international level.”

The annual kickoff luncheon featured addresses from Indiana officials, including Governor Eric Holcomb, and the meal was sponsored by Indiana corn and soybean farmers through their checkoffs, the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance.