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National FFA Convention Wraps 1st of 3 in a Row in Louisville


Pitino Pumps National FFA

1380011_10151695207200458_966459520_nThe National FFA Convention moved over the Indiana state line to Louisville, Kentucky this year and over 56,000 from across the US made the trip including many Hoosier FFA students. In the opening sessions Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino shared his vision of success as a choice.

“You have your dreams,” he said. “You have your goals. Meet those challenges. Start out your day on a one-day contract and I’m signing you all to it now. Tomorrow you wake up ultra positive. If anyone is cynical and negative, change ’em. Don’t fall into that trap. Don’t fall into the trap of technology. Don’t get distracted. Be focused in on your passion because you’re going to be successful. If you fail pick yourself up. It’s just fertilizer to help you grow.”

Rebekah FreyRoss Crabill from Shenandoah FFA was a 2013 finalist for an American Star in Agricultural Placement award. Each star finalist receives a cash prize of $2,000 from the National FFA Foundation and earns the opportunity to participate in an international experience.

Indiana Northern Region VP Rebekah Frey said seeing the convention from the unique vantage point afforded state officers was awesome, and she told HAT the Kentucky venue for 3 consecutive conventions, although not far from Indianapolis was a nice change.

“It’s different and I really like it. It’s a new atmosphere. The people and staff we’ve met are absolutely amazing and have treated us incredibly. It’s so cool because being in a different area brings in new people from around the United States.”

At National Convention Indiana also had 5 national finalists for the Proficiency Awards.