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National Recognition for Indiana FFA Chapter


National Recognition for Indiana FFA Chapter


Brandon Barnes-Sydnee KirbyThe Shenandoah FFA chapter in Middletown, IN, received the Model of Innovation in Community award during the national FFA convention in Louisville over the weekend.  Chapter member Sydney Kirby says national recognition for the small Henry County community is awesome, “For all the things we do as a chapter for our community, to be recognized nationally is really inspiring to continue what we are doing as a chapter.”   For the past 33 years, the chapter has been providing series to the developmentally disabled in its community. Kirby said for the past 3 years the chapter has organized and hosted a prom for the residents of a nearby residential facility, “We decorate the school cafeteria; and they dress up and dance and have a great time with each other.”


Chapter member Brandon Barns says it takes a lot of work and a lot of money to pull this project together each year. He said the chapter holds fund raisers to obtain the money to finance the project, “It is one of the biggest projects we do all year, and one that our chapter is very passionate about.”


The Shenandoah chapter has long been recognized in Indiana as one of the outstanding chapters in the state, and now the rest of the nation knows this as well.