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NCGA Brings States, Industry Together to Discuss Ethanol, RFS


This week, NCGA brought together representation from state corn associations, members of its Ethanol Committee and various other stakeholders to discuss the importance of ethanol both to farmers and the country as a whole.

With a full day of presentations on upcoming events in the industry and expert analysis, participants discussed short-, intermediate- and long-term goals which will be used to help NCGA as it refines its strategic plan.

“Farmers and those in rural American have long seen the impressive economic impact that ethanol brings to bear while experts have cited its important contributions to our environment and national energy independence,” said NCGA Ethanol Committee Chair Chad Willis.  “This meeting provided us with an opportunity to collaborate on ways to work together in the promotion of this sustainable, domestically-produced fuel.”

Held outside of Chicago, Ill., the summit had a total attendance of 73 with representation from agribusiness and the auto industry also present. One common theme was the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“The RFS has helped the ethanol industry grow stably and sustainably in an energy sector where fossil fuels enjoy a monopoly,” Willis said. “We’re committed to doing all we can to ensure its long-term viability so the fuel in our cars and trucks will be better economically and environmentally for our country.”

Source: NCGA