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NCGA Launches Call-to-Action to Protect Atrazine


The National Corn Growers Association has launched a call-to-action asking advocates to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in response to the agency’s announcement that they are revising the registration for atrazine.

“Corn growers know the value of atrazine and it’s time we let the EPA know what the value of this product is to us. It’s in over 60 of the products that we use on our farm on a yearly basis,” says NCGA President and Iowa farmer Chris Edgington. He says the EPA is undergoing a rulemaking process which proposes to significantly lower the tolerance level of atrazine, which would reduce the herbicide’s effectiveness and hinder farmers’ ability to utilize this critical tool.

Edgington is urging you to speak up on the issue.

“In 2016, we came together to submit over 10,000 comments to the EPA and we need to do that again. We need to show that level of momentum and support for this product and we need your help to get there.”

NCGA points out that since it first came onto the market, atrazine has allowed farmers to increase their conservation tillage practices, a key to carbon-smart farming practices.

You can take action anytime between now and September 6th when the comment period closes at ncga.com, and Edgington again urges you to, “share it on social media, share with your friends, share with your neighbors. We need you on this one.”

Source: NAFB News Service