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NCGA Past President and Current Staff Named to Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research Project Advisory Committee


NCGA Past President Leon Corzine and Director of Research and Development Dr. Rick Vierling have been appointed to the Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research Program Advisory Committee.  This program was designed by Monsanto to develop new collaborative research projects with researchers who have expertise and interests in areas that will enhance our fundamental understanding of corn rootworm that could lead to economical, practical and sustainable solutions for farmers.

“This is important to further research on corn rootworms, a pest that costs the industry roughly a billion dollars per year,” said Dr. Vierling.

As members of the advisory committee, Corzine and Vierling will guide the project, providing insight unique to their expertise. As a member of the Grant Review Panel, Dr. Vierling will also be directly reviewing the proposals submitted.

A current member of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and past NCGA president, Corzine not only farms but also serves his industry on many committees dealing wish biotech, rural and renewable energy issues. Dr. Vierling, who joined NCGA in 2010, has expertise in plant disease and pest resistance technology development and in functional genomics.

Inclusion of growers in the process will ensure that the research is focused on discovering information that could lead to future corn rootworm management solutions.

Involvement of the academic community as advisors and stakeholders, in addition to expert reviewers, will enrich understanding of corn rootworm resistance.

The Corn Rootworm  Knowledge Research Program is currently soliciting applications from researchers in the areas of corn crop rootworm management; economic impacts of agronomic practices, including control of corn rootworm; corn rootworm biology, physiology, biochemistry, and genomics; and corn rootworm education development.

Source: NCGA