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Nebraska Cattle Rancher Leads Trump Ag Council


Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has put together an Agriculture Coalition and Task Force, tapping Charles Herbster of Falls City, Nebraska as Chair. Herbster owns Herbster Angus Farms and the Conklin Company. He has been a personal friend of Trump for more than a decade. Herbster said his number one goal is to defeat Hillary Clinton and then turn his attention to agricultural issues. Some of those issues will include rural development, eliminating the “death tax,” growing the economy, and renegotiating trade deals.

Several groups and leaders in the agricultural industry met the new Chair during the Great American Farm Luncheon in Cleveland during the GOP Convention. They discussed agricultural topics in general, but didn’t get into platform specifics which include splitting the SNAP Program from the Farm Bill or crop insurance and the dairy program.

Source: NAFB News Serivce