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New Corn Herbicide From DuPont

Bruce Sater

DuPont has just received regulatory approval on a new product for Indiana corn growers. Instigate™ herbicide is a contact plus residual grass and broadleaf herbicide with multiple modes-of-action, applied pre-emerge or early post-emerge for corn crops. In field tests, Instigate™ delivered reliable control of major winter and summer annual grass and broadleaf weeds that were up at the time of application, with residual control to help see the crop through to a clean harvest. Bruce Sater, area sales manager with DuPont, told HAT one of the key advantages to Instigate™ is its flexibility, “Growers have the ability to apply just after planting or if the weather prevents that, they can apply post emergence, up to 2 leaf corn.”



Sater says Instigate™  is flexible in another way: it can work in a 1 pass or two pass system, “It can give you season control with one pass or  it can work in a 2 pass Roundup Ready or Liberty Link system.” Instigate™ utilized multiple modes-of-action to help control herbicide resistant/tolerant weeds such as waterhemp, pigweeds, ragweeds, lambsquarters, Johnsongrass, horseweed (marestail) and morning glories.


DuPont received regulatory approval for Instigate™ last week and announced it will be available for the 2013 growing season.


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