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New Corteva Technology Helps Identify Crop Threats


Identifying threats in the field has always been an important, yet time consuming, process. Now, new technology will give you answers to your disease or insect issues instantly. It is called Threat ID, and from a picture on your phone or tablet, it will tell you what is wrong with your crops.

“Threat ID, as part of the Pioneer Seeds App, empowers growers to make more rapid and informed decisions regarding issues they see while walking their fields,” says Jeremy Groeteke, U.S. Pioneer Digital Ag Lead.

The app can identify over 400 different threats in over 30 different crops. Threat ID allows farmers to detect issues impacting their fields by simply taking one crop photo. It then recognizes the specific patterns left behind by pests and provides an immediate identification of the most likely pest or disease threats and nutrient deficiencies. It does not, however, tell you what action to take. For that, you still need to have a conversation with your agronomist.

The app will even work if you do not have internet access in the field.

“It will store the image and the location in the field until you get to a place where you have internet access,” Groeteke said.

This app is free and can be downloaded from either Apple or Android app stores, just type in Pioneer seeds.

“Adding Threat ID to the Pioneer Seeds App is a result of a strong collaboration between Corteva Agriscience and Plantix,” Groeteke added. “We’re excited to add this new tool to our already comprehensive package of digital solutions for farmers.”