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New Field Apps Designed to Impact Farmer Productivity


Pioneer Field360 apps

Farming is a data driven enterprise and more types of data to help on the farm are emerging all the time. Now DuPont Pioneer has smart phone and tablet apps to help assimilate agronomic data so the farm operation becomes more productive without requiring the farmer to become even more tech savvy.

Matt Snyder tells HAT two Pioneer Field360 apps were introduced just before spring, the first of many to be offered in the future.

“First we start off with a fairly simple application that’s a handy one. It’s called Pioneer 360 Plantability and what it does is allow a farmer to quickly look up the settings for the planter by scanning the bar code on their seed bag. So it just provides them all the information that they would need to adjust based on that kernel size in that bag.”

The other app is Pioneer® Field360 Notes which is a two way communication tool for sharing agronomic information.

“This is a crop scouting tool and app that will let you combine GPS location with information and then be able to communicate that rapidly to your Pioneer team for example. You can also email that information out rapidly. What it does is display field boundaries and maps using kind of satellite imagery. You are able to right where you’re standing use your device, your iPhone or iPad in this case and Android later one, but you’ll be able to record a note, take a picture right where you’re standing, show people what’s going on and say hey I want to share this with my Pioneer team or a field agronomist and show them you have a question about what’s going on in this area of the field.”

He explains the Pioneer team will have the same app in their hands and be able to share information back to the grower.

The apps should be easy to navigate for many users, but Snyder says there is help available for those who need it.

“We’ve got some materials including some help documentation easily accessible in the app itself so they can read how to use every feature and function in there, but overall the app is fairly straightforward and simple and kind of intuitive we think. There may be some help to get things going but it really does seem to be something people are picking up pretty rapidly.”

With the kind of data and control the apps provide, along with the ease of use, Snyder believes those who have never used a smart phone or tablet might want to give it a try. Talk to the local Pioneer sales rep for details.

Snyder is product manager of digital marketing platforms for DuPont Pioneer.