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New Growth Market for US Ag, Not Where You Would Expect


New Growth Market for US Ag, Not Where You Would Expect


 A new, growing, export market for US beef, pork, and poultry is in a part of the world where you wouldn’t think. The west coast of Africa is the part of the world that usually makes headlines for mass starvation, mass killings, and revolution. But, according to the US Meat Export Federation, this part of the world may be our next big growth market. Dan Halstrom, USMEF senior vice president for global marketing, says their research has uncovered a promising market in Angola, Benin, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, and Nigeria.


Halstrom says this region has all the ingredients to become a high end customer of US agriculture, “There are several factors in this part of the world that make it a growth market including a growing population, rapid increases in GDP, and the development of modern food retailing.” He added that these nations are seeing a rapid growth of a middle and upper middle class based on oil, diamonds, and other natural resources. USMEF says high end retail food chains are developing quickly and represent an opportunity for branded US meat products, “These outlets give U.S. companies new opportunities to differentiate high-quality beef, pork, and lamb, and target consumers who are interested in higher-end proteins.” He said US poultry is already making inroads in this part of the world, “And after poultry they are going to want more, so beef and pork will be right behind.”


Later this week in Atlanta, GA, USMEF will bring together US exporters interested in moving into this developing market.