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New Herbicides Available to Help with Weeds and Resistance


FMC new herbicides

Nick Hustedde-FMCAnother tool for corn growers to add to their herbicide resistance management plan has been approved and is ready for market. The dual-action option for postemergence control of broadleaf weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate, is called Solstice and comes from FMC Agricultural Solutions.

Technical sales rep Nick Hustedde explains, “It is a pre-mix of an HPPD inhibitor and a PPO inhibitor, and what we’ve seen when we pre-mix these two modes of action together is that they work very well together and we see very rapid activity, so this particular product is going to fit very well in the early post corn market. It’s going to address some of the weed species that typically escape some of the foundation atrazine pre-mix type pre-emergence products such as giant ragweed and morning glories.”

The wide application window of Solstice herbicide is from emergence to V8 and it offers effective control of 50 weed species up to four inches. With a flexible uses rate of 2.5-3.15 ounces per acre for postemergence applications and 10 month rotation period for soybeans, it is a practical and economic choice for use on the Midwest’s most common cropping systems.

FMC is also launching Authority Maxx for soybeans this year.

“And what we’ve done with this particular product is to optimize the ration of sulfentrazone to chlorimuron and it’s going to allow growers to apply higher rates and still be rotation friendly,” Hustedde said. “So when we think about the distribution of difficult to control weed species such as waterhemp and palmer amaranth particularly in Indiana, they’re very prolific seed producers and they’re going to germinate with accumulation of about 350 growing degree days and you’re going to see in season emergence throughout the season. So it’s very critical to utilize full rates of pre-emergence herbicides in order to help us be timely with our postemergence applications.”

Anthem for soybeans is available this year too and Hustedde says it offers an additional layer of residual control for in-season emergence of the amaranth species.