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New John Deere 7R Tractors Boost Power, Performance and Control

7R Series Tractors
7R Series Tractors

In the first make-over of its popular 7R Series Tractors since their introduction in 2011, John Deere is rolling out five new 7R Tractor models from 210 to 290 engine horsepower for 2014. Along with a new engine that meets Final Tier 4 emissions requirements and the e23 Power Shift Transmission, the new 7R Tractors provide customers with more power, performance and greater comfort and control. Powered by either a 6.8L or 9.0L PowerTech™ PSS engine with John Deere’s efficient selective catalytic reduction system, the new 7R Tractors boost 10 to 20 more horsepower and more torque than previous models. All models utilize a high-pressure common rail fuel system and series turbochargers that improve total fluid efficiency while effectively reducing emissions. Fuel capacities range from 125 to 143 gallons, depending on model and transmission options, with DEF storage capacity of 6.8 gallons


The five new 7R models include:

Model                    Engine HP             PTO HP        Trans. Options

7210R                   210                       170             CQ, e23, IVT

7230R                   230                       189             CQ, e23, IVT

7250R                   250                       205             e23, IVT

7270R                   270                       224             e23, IVT

7290R                   290                       242             e23, IVT


Transmission options on the new 7R Tractors include CommandQuad Eco, which is available on the 7210R and 7230R models, and the new e23 Power Shift Transmission with Efficiency Manager, standard on all five 7R models. The e23 PST has 23 equally spaced forward gears and 11 reverse gears that enable the efficiency advantages of an infinitely variable-speed transmission with the smoothness and simplicity of a powershift. The Efficiency Manager feature optimizes fluid economy during field operations and transport. IVT is also available for all 7R models.


Jarrod McGinnis, division marketing manager for John Deere, says the new FT4 engine and the transmission options help the 7R Series Tractors offer greater productivity and value to customers. “These new machines are more fluid efficient and offer increased horsepower for exceptional engine, hydraulic and PTO performance that many customers want in a highly versatile row-crop tractor.”


In addition, the new 7R Tractors have many features in common with their larger new 8R cousins, including the redesigned CommandARM™ with improved ergonomics and more intuitive control of major tractor functions such as throttle, AutoTrac resume button, transmission speed and direction, SCVs, PTO and hitch. Depending on the model, the CommandARM comes with a 7-inch 4100 CommandCenter™ Display or a 10-inch 4600 CommandCenter Display. Both are AutoTrac™ capable and feature an easier-to-use operator interface. The CommandCenter Display puts machine operation information and control at the fingertips of the operator.


“With factory-installed John Deere FarmSight™ components and other integrated technologies, the 7R Tractors deliver a premium operator experience along with superior performance in the field,” says McGinnis. “The remote machine information systems provide off-site dealer diagnostic capabilities and help reduce downtime and operational costs.”


All 7R Series Tractors have the roomy CommandView™ III cab that is quieter due to a laminated front windshield that dampens outside noise. The cab features an operator’s seat that swivels 40-degrees right for easier viewing of rear implements. Other options include the convenience of an in-cab refrigerator and LED lighting package that provides 40 percent greater illumination compared to HID lights.


“These new 7R Tractors are designed to handle a wide variety of chores on the farm and ranch because of their power range and customer-demanded features,” McGinnis concludes.  “These tractors push productivity and comfort to a higher level to provide greater value to our customers.”