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New Mobile App Available Through Pioneer Field360 Services


Matt Snyder DuPont PioneerDuPont Pioneer has announced a new mobile app to help growers with management decisions this season. The Pioneer Field360 Tools app features the GDU Estimator, Precipitation Estimator and Growth Stage Estimator. DuPont Pioneer Product Manager Matt Snyder says packaging the agronomy expertise of DuPont Pioneer into one mobile application that growers can use to make decisions anywhere they farm is one benefit of the new app. He says it has improved usability – requiring one-time input of location, start date and comparative relative maturity. Snyder says growers can easily navigate between the calculators within the app without re-entering data.

The app is part of the Pioneer Field360 services offering. It can be located by searching Field360 in the App Store. An Android version will be available in the Google Play Store later this month. Growers can also access the Pioneer Field360 Tools app and other applications at www.pioneer.com/360.

Source: NAFB News Service