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New Options for Soybeans in 2019


BASF has new soybean options for 2019

The merger of Bayer and Monsanto and the resulting spinoff of many Bayer products to BASF will mean some new weed control options for soybean growers in 2019. By acquiring a number of Bayer crop protection products, BASF is a much larger player in the market in 2019.  Marc Hoobler, with BASF, says soybean growers will have some new and exciting options from BASF as we head into a new growing season, “One of the things we are most excited about for 1019 is introducing a new weed control system called Liberty Link GT27.” It will be introduced in the Credenz brand with 13 soybean varieties with maturity dates ranging from 0-4.

Hoobler adds the new technology will give growers the opportunity to use a 3-way fix of different modes of action, “For the first time growers will be able to use either Liberty Herbicide or Glyphosate post emerge. The technology will also allow for the use of HPPD chemistry. The HPPD chemistry has not yet been approved; but when it is, growers will have both pre- and post-plant application options.

Hoobler says trials have shown an improvement in yields as well as weed control, “We are seeing 2-4 bpa increases over Roundup Ready 2 Extend with the GT27 varieties.” Because it’s the first technology that you can use Liberty and glyphosate with, it allows growers to address a broad range of weed species – both broadleafs and grasses. “That allows them to really have the best tool on the market to address their issues,” he said.

LibertyLink GT27 is not tolerant to all HPPD herbicides. Use of HPPD herbicides currently on the market are prohibited for use with LibertyLink GT27 soybeans. Growers are encouraged to talk to their local BASF representative for more information.