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New POET Sales Manager Coordinates Local Feed Purchases

Josh Rensink

 POET Nutrition Territory Sales Manager Josh Rensink is helping local feeders take advantage of their proximity to POET plants. POET’s Dakota Gold distillers grain offer a high-protein, consistent and locally-produced product to boost animal diets. Rensink helps local feeders of dairy, cattle, swine and poultry determine how to best take advantage of Dakota Gold’s nutrition and cost benefits in their operations. “It has been great working with the local producers and helping them maximize the potential in their livestock through the use of Dakota Gold in their rations,” Rensink said. “This is a consistent, high-value product coming from the nearby POET plant, and it’s nice to be able to give area producers access to that.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Dakota Gold should contact Josh at (605) 965-6278 or josh.rensink@POET.com . To get more information about Dakota Gold online, visit https://www.dakotagold.com.