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New Pork Cut Names On the Way


Packages of fresh pork cuts in retail meat cases across the U.S. will be released soon. This is a result of 18-months of research by the National Pork Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – which showed consumers are often confused by different names for similar meat cuts and don’t know how to cook a variety of cuts. NPB President Conley Nelson says the new names will help change the way consumers and retailers talk about pork and clear up confusion consumers currently experience at the meat case. The loin chop will now be referred to as Pork Porterhouse Chop, a rib chop center as Pork Ribeye Chop bone-in, a rip chop as Pork Ribeye Chop and a top loin chop as Pork New York Chop.

As the new names align with popular beef steak names – the Pork Board is suggesting simpler grilling advice. Grill pork like a steak. NPB Director of Retail Marketing Patrick Fleming says once consumers get their pork cuts home – they can grill it in the way they’re familiar with. NPB recommends grilling medium-rare to medium chops between 145-degrees and 160-degrees – followed by a three-minute rest.