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New Promotional Opportunity for Agritourism Venues


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture this week announced a new mobile app to connect consumers with agritourism venues. Launching next spring, Foundation Education Outreach Director Julia Recko says the American Farm Trail app will help consumers learn more about where their food comes from.

“One really fun way to get folks to learn about where their food comes from is to get them on to a farm, and to offer them that really organic learning experience. And we also plan on adding additional learning opportunities to the app with our My American Farm Games and other educational resources.”

Through the app, consumers will be able to search for agritourism locations near them.

“When they find one on the app, there’s listed information about that agritourism location. And so, they can be prepared when they get there to have a really fun experience where they’re seeing how their food is grown, and maybe picking some for themselves and just learning more about agriculture in their area.”

Farmers and ranchers interested in being listed on the app can set up a profile now.

“We are looking for agritourism and tour locations to sign up on the American Farm Trail app. And there’s a really easy way to do it, go to farmtrailapp.com and you fill out the registration form. And we actually have a how-to guide on that website, where we just offer some tips on what kind of information you might want to add to your profile.”

Source: NAFB News Service