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New Seed Treatment Options for Indiana Soybean Growers


More and more of the seeds being planted in Indiana this spring have been treated with special seed treatments. Seed treatments have come a long way in recent years, and a new product from Bayer Crop Science is offering soybean growers some new options in seed treatments. Ethan Luth, product manager for seed treatments with Bayer, says Poncho Votivo is available for soybeans this year, “Indiana soybean growers now have another tool in their fight against nematodes.”

In addition to nematode control, Poncho Votivo has some other unique advantages, “Votive is a biological seed treatment, so it is very safe for producers to handle.” He told HAT that it is a living organism that grows along with the soybean plant to provide protection as the plant develops.

In addition to disease and insect protection, seed treatments have proven to be a significant factor in boosting yield by getting plants off to a strong start in the spring. Luth says Votivo will provide better plant health during the early stages of development, “You get a healthier plant coming out of the ground than, with non treated seeds. We will often produce another tri-foliate on plants from treated seeds.”


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